Symbols of hope
Symbols of hope

I have this passion. Photography. I never leave the house without my camera, it is always close to hand.

It started out, as special moments in my life, that gave me a spiritual uplift, so amazing I wanted to share with others to whoever needed it, would feel that special feeling like I did. I wanted to inspire others, uplift them like I was. Share that blessing. Somewhere along the way, I guess as journey’s often do, life’s path takes those twists and turns, and voila….here I am.  At a cross roads in life.

When an artist creates, they create something, a part of their soul, a part of themselves and from the heart. When I photograph, it is from my heart. I truly am sharing an emotion, something special and unique. Nobody else is like me, I’m unique, just as you are. My highly sensitive, empathic soul see’s your emotions, see’s your anguish, your joys, your bliss. So of course after doing this for years, years of sharing my soul, sharing my gifts,  I’ve become depleted, empty, lost. so now it is time to find myself, take an assessment of myself, see where I’ve developed, where I’ve been, and where I’m going. Remove the “shoulds” and follow my heart once again.  Remove the Business out of it all, and go back to grass roots ME.

I will always have my camera somewhere close to me, these moments are special and help me forward in life. But for now, no more politics, no more business, no more giving away my soul. My Soul is too precious for that.

Sadly, bad politics, greed and unfairness on this Island has caused so much sadness within me. I felt for awhile, hopeless. Trapped in a continuous cycle of manipulation, control and fear. My only hope was to perhaps leave, have a fresh new beginning elsewhere…..but I could not afford the bridge toll.  This Island has festered perpetual greed amongst the high ranking, loop holes found to make more money. The rich became richer, the poor just became playing pieces in their games.  And now, now the light shines brightly on those misdeeds, they all scramble to cover up, to hide their riches, tighten those loose purse strings….leaving these pawn pieces scrambling for work, for opportunities that were once plentiful, now, not so much.

Those who are not afraid of hard work and self reliance, will persevere to great happiness.  So, until I can afford the bridge toll,  the camera shall go in the back seat,  still at arms reach,  but it’s time to get dirty, work hard.  It is time to break free for the game that holds me prisoner on an Island.


Published by Patricia Bourque Photography

I am Mi'kmaw. My passion is photography. I use my photos as my words. I am from Prince Edward Island. Born in Charlottetown. Just trying to find my way.

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