Baby Steps


It’s been way too long. 

I often forget to come check on my blog, when life gets busy. But it’s been here waiting for me and I so appreciate that. I often will come and check on it, review my posts, and can’t help but appreciate my progress, in life and in my photography adventures.  Even using wordpress has been a progress, as I’m not technically savvy when it comes to web sites…..that phrase Divine timing pops into mind.

I feel like the lines are all interconnecting at this time.  Changes will be coming here as well, as this site will become my official web site, and will enable commerce purchasing here.  I’m ready. Baby steps baby…baby steps!


Published by Patricia Bourque Photography

I am Mi'kmaw. My passion is photography. I use my photos as my words. I am from Prince Edward Island. Born in Charlottetown. Just trying to find my way.

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