Work in Progress

Once again my journey brings me back here. It is finally time I step through another scary door to begin another leg of my journey. This site is slowly going to be turning into my official web site, or at least, at the very least, turn into a more professional blog site while I getContinue reading “Work in Progress”

The Crash

It’s been a little time since my last post. Forgot how therapeutic it is to write, oh sorry it’s 2015, blogging!  I forgot how much I enjoy this. I can truly express my emotions at those exact moments I’m out photographing. Walks on the beach are the best. I watch the waves crashing on theContinue reading “The Crash”

New Beginnings

Knowledge is powerful, freeing I would say. Each day we wake up is a blessing. Each lesson we learn helps us move forward. So when the two collide, that marks a very special new beginning. Opening one’s eyes to see truth, to see the world around you is very liberating. I would even dare say,Continue reading “New Beginnings”

Finding my Happiness

Freeing oneself can take time. One by one, removing things within one’s own life that does not serve you well, does not feel good anymore, or does not bring you happiness. This journey has been excellent. Lots of learning, and growth. Seeing myself from a different perspective.  Really looking at my life, my habits, whereContinue reading “Finding my Happiness”

The Lone Trap

At one time, this trap had a purpose. It worked side by side with it’s kind. Rough seas, a few storms, it made it’s way to the dry sands. Here, it sits alone. Without a job. Without it’s friends. Perhaps this is what it’s purpose is. We all start out with jobs, family, friends. ThenContinue reading “The Lone Trap”